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Apple books 50 daily flights to China, spends $150 million a year

2019/1/15 17:31:42
With USD 150 million in revenue generated for United, Apple is the airline’s largest global account. To put things into perspective, the next highest air travel spending by major tech companies like Facebook and Google are listed as only spending “over USD 34 million.”

Employees of the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant are mostly racking up frequent flyer miles heading to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Apple spends around USD 35 million, or 25 percent of its annual budget, on flights to Shanghai. The company books 50 business class seats per day from San Francisco to Shanghai with United.

Outside of Shanghai, Apple’s next most frequented locations are also located in China. Hong Kong International Airport and Taiwan Yaouyuan International Airport round out the top three routes for Apple’s air travel.

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